Go Ipsy - Hipsy

Cyber Protection systems such as firewalls and intrusion prevention appliances are widely used by large companies, public sector bodies and military establishments as part of a defence in depth strategy to protect their networks and data from cyber-attack. The cost of these devices can represent a significant upfront investment as well as a high ongoing cost for the expertise needed to ensure that they are regularly updated. This means for most families and small businesses buying and maintaining an IPS device can be impractical and prohibitably expensive.

The HIPSY has been designed to enable families and small businesses to have access to the same level of protection as large scale corporate networks. Connected to the Idappcom security operations' centre the HIPSY is monitored and managed 24/7 by our network security experts via the Cloud to ensure that it is able to recognise and block the latest cyber-attacks from threatening your vulnerable PCs, laptops and tablets.