Go Ipsy - Chuck Lumb

Chuck Lumb

Senior Vice President – Audits

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, Chuck moved 100 miles west and north to begin his career at Arthur Anderson in Chicago. He worked for five years as an Information Systems consultant – coding, testing, and designing RPG/400 programs for a dozen different clients. Then, he went to graduate school for two years and earned his MBA from the University of Chicago.

Chuck spent the next eight years at System Software Associates (SSA) in various roles including senior programmer, team leader, senior development manager, and product manager. He is an expert on the BPCS ERP products, as well as the AS/SET CASE tool.

Chuck joined SLA Management Services in 2001 and helped to build a very successful company specializing in software compliance audits. During a seven-year period, he served in numerous roles including Operations Manager and President – North America. Chuck is an expert in all audit phases including opportunity analysis, contract review, scheduling, and reporting.