Go Ipsy - Exploit


Idappcom's Cyber Protection Service leverages 12 years of research into vulnerabilities and their associated exploits.

To understand an exploit, we first need to understand vulnerability. Vulnerability can be in computer hardware, operating systems or applications, even attached devices like printers and routers can have vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities can be exploited from attacks emanating from outside the computer, or home network.

An exploit can target a vulnerability to take information, damage or take over the system, or install malware that will report back to a control centre, and in many cases spread itself to any other computer you attach to. That could be via your links to your office or when you next log into the work network.

We protect against intruders and hackers who target vulnerabilities to gain access to your information, damage your computer, or hold you to ransom. A cyber version of the burglar, thug, or bully.

When vendors become aware of a new vulnerability they will often issue a "fix" or patch in response. But this can be months later and users may or may not obtain the patch. While a patch can be automatically applied or downloaded there is no guarantee that it will work or won't generate false positives that require extensive investigation. Too many maybes, and that is why corporations, government and military deploy intrusion prevention devices. Idappcom has been providing these protection services for many years and now brings the same security to the home, traveller and small business.

Idappcom's cyber protection services currently protect you against 12,000 exploits a number that increases by approximately 200 additional exploit protections each month.