Go Ipsy - Home and Family Protection

Home and Family Protection

The increase in Internet enabled devices and widespread availability of high-speed broadband connectivity has made the concept of the Smart Home closer to reality for many of us. While these developments promise some genuine lifestyle benefits they also pose a significant threat to our cyber-security unless we also adopt new approaches to online protection.

Today's typical family is likely to have several laptops, tablets and smart phones for each family member as well as possibly a TV, home security, lighting and heating systems connected via the home hub. Each device represents a potential attack target that could provide a determined hacker with easy access to your personal and financial information.

With household connectivity requirements starting to resemble corporate networks it makes sense to start to implement the same multi-layered, defence-in-depth security strategies used by large commercial and public sector networks. This means not just deploying anti-virus software in all end-points and firewalls at the network edge but also deploying intrusion prevention devices to filter internal traffic.

For the average home owner or small business this can seem to be a daunting and cost prohibitive prospect that can ultimately mean deciding to ignore the risk and hope that nothing bad occurs. With research showing that households are 10 times more likely to suffer financial loss via a cyber-attack than from a burglary, the odds are against this high risk strategy working.

The Idappcom Managed Cyber Protection Service now provides families and SMEs with a cost effective solution that delivers enterprise-class security without the need for high, up-front investment or specialist security skills.

For the home user, it is not just a matter of blocking malicious in-bound traffic to protect your personal and financial information from cyber-attack, it is also about preventing younger family members from being exposed to inappropriate online content and predatory influences via social media. By installing multiple HIPSY devices on your home network it means that you have the flexibility to be able to create different access zones within the home, where you define what your children are allowed to access when online away from direct parental supervision.

The combination of the latest security technology and professionally managed SOC provides households with the confidence to take full advantage of all the benefits offered by an Internet connected world in the knowledge that the risk to their personal and financial information as well as their family members' well-being has been greatly reduced.