Go Ipsy - Malware


Malware ("malicious software") is the all-embracing term for a range of programs or files designed to disrupt or harm a computer that includes computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and spyware.

Even Idappcom's most sophisticated exploit prevention systems cannot stop everything. The addition of our Reputation Engine adds a substantial deterrent that stops the inadvertent infection through opening email attachments and clicking on web links that then infect your computer.

When attackers get through, you need to know immediately, so you can limit the damage. The only way to know is to deploy technology designed to detect when attackers have bypassed the exploit and phishing protection.

Malware protection is the final stage in your layered cyber-defences and it is generally accepted that every computer user will be a victim of a malware attack at some point in time. Idappcom utilises the constantly updated malware protection database from the leading security vendor, Proofpoint Inc., as a timely and accurate policy set for detecting and blocking malware. Idappcom have validated and adapted these policies for home, travel and SME utilisation. The policies are updated daily and cover more than 40 different categories of network behaviours, malware command and control, DoS attacks, botnets, informational events, exploit kit activity, and more.