Go Ipsy - Personalised Protection Level

Personalized Protection Level

While there are some basic similarities in the way that organisations build their network infrastructures there are clearly many differences, particularly in the choice of hardware and business applications that makes each one unique to the organisation.

Ultimately this means that not all networks are vulnerable to the same exploits and malware attacks and the network sensors require an element of customisation to maintain optimised protection from cyber-attack.

Unlike large enterprises, for many smaller businesses the task of keeping their firewalls and intrusion prevention devices correctly configured is often beyond their capacity and skill set, which means that their effectiveness can quickly become out dated. A common alternative strategy, relying just on the vendor updates, can also be counter-productive and can result in high volumes of false-positive alerts, all of which takes valuable resources to investigate.

Idappcom's Managed Cyber Protection Service is fully customisable to ensure that only the relevant signature updates that reflect the actual network vulnerabilities are applied to the IPSY devices. Before each device becomes active users can personalise the service via the User Portal, selecting the correct protection levels from a drop-down list of options to eliminate the need for manual intervention and minimise the volume of false positive alerts.