Go Ipsy - Protection at Home or Office

Protecting your home office or small business

Small businesses run the same or even greater risk of a cyber-attack as larger enterprises, particularly as hackers move their focus away from the more hardened corporate networks with advanced, multi-layered security technology protecting their business critical servers.

The irony is that while the impact of a cyber-attack on a small business is potentially more threatening to the company than a larger counterpart, typically they do not have the same financial and technical resources available to put the necessary levels of protection in place.

The Idappcom Managed Cyber Protection Service has been specifically developed to provide small businesses with a low-cost, operational expenses based solution that delivers the same level of cyber-protection widely used by large-scale multi-national business operations.

The BIPSY device incorporates the same Intrusion prevention technology and functionality as the smaller, more portable HIPSY and GIPSY devices but is designed to offer extended connectivity and handle higher traffic throughput levels. As with the HIPSY and GIPSY devices the BIPSY is remotely monitored and updated via the Idappcom SOC to ensure that it is able to recognise and block the latest attack traffic.