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Protection away from home

Staying connected while away from home or the office is now a relatively easy process using one of the many Wifi hot spots and public Internet access points in city centres, at airports, hotels, cafes on trains and now increasingly on board planes.

Most of us are only too happy to connect to an open network to check and send emails, access our company networks or update our social media profiles without giving much thought to the security risks this exposes us to. The reality is that these unsecured connections provide a soft target for hackers to steal user credentials, access personal or financial information and inject malware onto the user's device.

With many of us using the same laptops and tablets to stay connected while travelling as we use to access business or home applications the risk is that these Trojan virus infections can then rapidly spread to all machines in the network.

Idappcom's Managed Cyber Protection Service includes an enhanced, mobile cyber-defence option, GIPSY, that extends enterprise-class protection for anyone connecting via an un-secured public access point.

The compact GIPSY device is connected in line between the Internet access point and the laptop or tablet. Once the connection is established the device first contacts the Idappcom SOC and any signature updates are applied before enabling normal browser or email functionality. Using industry standard intrusion prevention software, the GIPSY device blocks a wide range of malicious traffic from reaching the end-point device and is effective in reducing the risk of common attacks including phishing and man-in-the middle attacks as well as screen-grabbing and key-stroke monitoring.