Go Ipsy - Research


Idappcom has been active in the cyber-security sector for over 12 years working with the world's leading security vendors and many of the industry's independent research organisations to deliver the tools and services needed to protect today's networks from targeted attacks.

Through this two-way transfer of data and shared technical insights, Idappcom's assessment tools, exploit library and Protection Policies database are now widely used to validate the effectiveness of many of the security sensors used by large-scale commercial and public sector organisations to protect their networks.

The resultant research and knowledge base is continually updated by drawing on information sources from across the globe that are fully evaluated and rigorously tested before publishing within our Protection Policies library. This ensures we keep pace with what is happening in the cyber-attack space on a daily basis and allows us to focus on what is real and relevant to today's complex network environment.

Feedback from our major clients enables us to fine tune our products based on input from multi-vendor experts and what their extensive user-bases are reporting from their day-to-day experiences.