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Idappcom's Managed Cyber Protection Service delivers enterprise-class security for families, home workers, travellers and SMEs. Combining industry leading technology, years of security research and product development together with world-class security expertise and experience the service reduces the risk of a successful direct attack or malware infection that could threaten your online security.

The service draws on over 12 years of experience supplying product assessment and validation tools to the industry's leading security vendors together with in-depth front-line skills developed through managing complex corporate, public sector and military-grade network security implementations.

Idappcom offers a range of managed cyber-protection options that can be personalised to the user's requirements. Each IPSY device can be individually configured to allow or deny groups of web traffic including specific exploits targeting known software and hardware vulnerabilities as well as chat lines, adult content, dating sites and known radicalisation sites.

World-Class Security Operations Centre

While most small businesses and families recognise the need for enhanced cyber-security to protect their personal IDs and commercial assets, lack of specialist skills and resources can often be the main factor in deciding not to invest in the necessary technology

Our SOC is manned by experts in the field of networking and security. The core of the team are the same people who develop the products used by the leading security equipment vendors to test and build their multi-million-dollar protection systems. We share our expertise over many users, so you can have the benefit of our experience at a fraction of the cost of employing your own.

Once the IPSY device is activated it is in two-way communication with the SOC, with traffic data regularly uploaded to the central database and signature updates automatically downloaded onto the device to ensure it is able to recognise and block the latest attack traffic. All you need to do is to ensure it is connected and switched on.

An industry hardened Security Operations Centre (SOC) and products designed for ease of use

  • From a company with 12 years' experience in research and technology.
  • Supplier to major commercial Security product vendors
  • Cyber security defence as used by major corporations and government
  • Defence level managed by us but decided and setup by you.
  • Security skills managed for you, by us.
  • Simple to install.
  • No special skills needed.
  • Over 30,000 Protection Policies available

Within the package of services Idappcom offers a range of options tailored to the user's requirements; all managed via an online customer portal and a manned SOC staffed by qualified and experienced security professionals. The IPS's can allow or deny groups of web traffic, like adult sites, dangerous chat lines, dating sites, known radicalisation sites. The account owner can receive alerts for any abnormal or inappropriate web access.