Go Ipsy - Simon Wesseldine

Simon Wesseldine

Chief Security Officer (CSO)

Simon has a background of managing secure Information Technology (IT) networks spanning over 25 years, the majority of which were spent working for the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) and alongside UK Government and Intelligence Agencies. Starting his career as an Electronics Technician for the British Army, Simon quickly scaled the ranks and when he left the military in 2009 he was a senior technical officer responsible for the support of large scale Operational IT Network Deployments worldwide. Although Simon is certified with many Cisco Network Engineering credentials, his main passion and focus since joining the private sector has been on Network Security. Since 2009 Simon has developed specialist skills in Perimeter Defence and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) Simon leads and mentors a skilled team of security analysts who create the packet captures and Snort rules for IPS vendors around the globe.

Currently Simon is committed to Idappcom's new venture, which is developing a small form factor, inexpensive, business grade IPS for the Travelling and Home User. Simon is looking forward to building and heading up the brand new Security Operations Centre (SOC) that will manage incidents and alerts from that system.