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About the Gipsy

With many of us now carrying two or three Internet enabled mobile devices wherever we go and virtually universal availability of unsecured Wifi Hot-spots or guest Internet connections at airports, cafes and hotels, checking emails and browsing the Internet while on the move has become part of our daily routine. While this is great for staying in touch it is also a major threat to our cyber-security as hackers exploit the weak security of these connections to carry-out a range of sophisticated attacks. In particular, this can leave our devices infected with malware that can then transfer to other devices in network next time you connect at home or at the office.

With an Idappcom GIPSY device connected to your laptop or tablet whenever you are travelling, you can have the same high level protection as if you were connected at your corporate desk or a HIPSY protected home network. Powered via a USB connection to your device, each time it is activated the GIPSY first connects back to the SOC and updates are automatically applied before allowing access to the wider Internet or private business connection.

Technical Information

Weighing only 77 grams, this small form device will fit in a jacket, shirt pocket, handbag or brief case. Connected with just one single USB lead for power the internal wireless will connect to your laptop, tablet, phone, any device with any operating system that has the ability to receive a wireless signal.

The specification is the same as the HIPSY except that this device has an additional Wireless connection using a high power dongle. This will find and show you all the possible connections around you, and list them for you as secure (you need a password) or Open. Connections through services, such as you may encounter in a Hotel, are detected and automatically branched so you can check in to the free or paid for services.

You are no longer at the mercy of any hackers playing on the weakness of Hotspots. You are protected and there is less chance of your picking up Malware that you then take home, to your office or a client.