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Information is not knowledge. Albert Einstein

One of the major issues with the world's capability to share information virtually instantly is:

The accuracy of the information. Too many state sponsored deliberate attempts to disturb the rest of the world by actively dissemination of information likely to cause damage. There are many ways to get personal thoughts and opinion that can reflect nothing near the truth into the web information systems.

Social networking and blogs. The number of social network sites is growing every day. Unfortunately many good sites give the bad guys a platform for spreading misinformation and or radical views. Then there are the social networking sites and blogs that are there for a single purpose of spreading bad information or carrying out bad acts, like grooming.

The volume of information. There are now thousands of publications online and in hardback or broadsheets that publish the same story from the same source and in the same words. The time and effort required to read and filter such information is far too much for those with a busy lifestyle and family to protect.

Through idappcom's research and development team we are often the first with the news that is real knowledge. We have researched and tested the news and we have expertise way above the average publisher. The personalisation and age ranking options we offer go some way to help you decide what information you want you and your family to consume and become knowledge. Our resources pages offer you the chance to assimilate what we have researched as relevant and knowledge worth reviewing each day. Some we source from third parties during our research, some we publish ourselves to help you gain knowledge of the myriad of terms evolving as Cyber-attacks develop.